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The LARC is primarily a marine unit. The front, rear, and sides will be referred to in the nautical terms of bow (or fore), front; stern (or aft), rear. The right side looking forward, is the starboard side and the left side is the portside.

LAND OPERATION: The LARC is equipped with standard land drive components and is operated from the forward end of the operatorís cab facing aft. To permit travel over soft surfaces such as mud or sand, and to minimize the possibility of bogging down, the LARC is equipped with 24.00-inch X 29.00-inch low pressure tires, power steering, and a power transmission designed for two or four-wheel drive. The LARC can ascend or descend a 40% grade at 1 mph, and operate on side slopes of 25%.

MARINE OPERATION: The LARC is equipped with standard marine propulsion components and operated from the aft end of the operatorís cab facing forward. The unit is equipped with a plexiglass canopy for marine operation during inclement weather. Curing clear weather, the canopy is removed for better visibility by the operator standing, or sitting in the marine pilotís seat, facing the bow. The land drive wheels are used for steering through the water along with the rudder. The same two diesel engines furnish power to the four-bladed propeller for water propulsion. The LARC has a freeboard (area between the waterline and deck) of 1 foot.

OPERATORíS CAB: The operatorís cab is equipped with a centrally located control tower containing the necessary instruments and hand controls for land or marine operation. The instruments are installed in such a manner as to be read and understood from either side of the tower (fore or aft). An adjustable land drive seat, steering wheel, and parking brake lever are located forward of the tower. Foot throttle and service brakes are located to portside of control tower and are accessible to both land and marine drive position. The marine steering wheel and adjustable seat is located aft of the tower. Radio communication equipment, personnel heater and defrosting components, and two crew seats are also located in the operatorís cab.

LOADING RAMP: The hydraulically operated loading ramp is operated by a control valve located in the port bulkhead. The ramp assembly consists of the main ramp, forward ramp extension, and aft ramp extension, all provided with nonskid decking. In the lowered position, the ramp provides a 9 foot wide clearance to the cargo deck.

HULL: The hull is constructed of either aluminum, or steel plates and necessary bracing, depending on the model of LARC. See specifications page related to the model of LARC being described: LARC-V and LARC-LX.

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